Because balance is an accumulation of multiple systems of the body, it is essential to treat the specific cause or causes of your balance.

Vestibular therapy, or more commonly referred to as balance therapy or vestibular rehab, is a vital tool in avoiding fall injuries, especially in our elderly patients. At ENT Physicians, we partner with Ascend to provide balance therapy. As an ENT office we see a variety of patients with disorders relating to the ear; however, we often see balance problems not due to an ear disorder. Nonetheless, when one of our physicians suspects you have a vestibular or balance abnormality, we refer you to Ascend Physical Therapy to aid in diagnosis and begin treatment. Once diagnosed, we provide a comprehensive rehabilitation plan tailored to your diagnosis designed to get you feeling better and regain the confidence you need to get back on your feet and back to your life!

The benefits of vestibular rehab and retraining are invaluable to patients with debilitating dizzy and balance disorders. If you are at risk of falling, or are getting more and more tired during your normal daily activities, then Ascend could be for you. As we get older it is common to blame balance on aging muscle, but often times this is not the only issue. Balance is very complex and relies on our ears, eyes, sensory receptors, and brain. Given this, your balance issue may not be due to the weakening of your muscles but the slowing of your reflexes secondary to a deficiency in your body’s balance mechanism. When you are evaluated, we will be able to diagnose the source of your balance problems and put you on a personalized treatment plan.